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Forest View. *Available
Oil on linen
44x40 inches
Highway 3 Erratic. Private collection
oil on Linen.
12x10 inches
Cedar Creep.  Private Collection.
Oil on linen
24 x 22 inches
Signs in the Forest II. *Available
Oil in linen
24x22 inches

Painted places is an ongoing project based on my fascination with graffiti on the landscape. For many it is an eyesore, a profaning of sacred nature. Perhaps it's just an expression of the human animal upon place and only within its range. It is an expression or a mark that says, "I was here", "I love you" or "Fuck you"! As a landscape painter who sees place and people as mutually expressive, it is kind of like an infinity mirror reflecting place to person and person to place, a painting within a painting.