Jeremy Herndl

My practice explores the possibility of rapport with places and objects through painting. I research the histories and stories of places, explore, work on site or plein air and in the studio creating paintings and objects that describe long interactions with places. I am interested in working on sites where human and non-human elements seem to coalesce and express one another and my material process is also informed by this reciprocation. Ultimately my practice aims to find the mutual agency of painter and place.

My work is inspired by research into contemporary phenomenology, object- oriented-ontology and animism as well as meditation and innumerable painters of the past and present. My research, coupled with the experience of painting from life has led me to think of painting as an interaction with place - a way of deep knowing and rapport.

This practice is rooted in the Western history of landscape painting but aims to expand on that narrative, leaving behind the binary, colonial gaze and engaging with place with an attitude of receptivity and empathy. After many years of working with oil, I continue to struggle with the material and its legion implications and this keeps me returning to the practice. I work with traditional languages with a desire to describe a contemporary, singular and personal experience of nature.